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    I have been looking into my great-grandfather's time as a driver in the RASC (on the right in the photo below), where he served in Egypt, Italy, Holland and Germany (around the rhine). I am fortunate enough that he took photographs along with annotating them with a location and/or description, and currently working my way though to locate them.
    I am also in the process of sending of for his Military record, which hopefully will help, but take some time.
    I have been looking into vehicle marking (with a symbol shown on the door) but cannot identify what is from COY formation signs, or what the 2470 means.
    Any other info on the vehicle markings or general advice would be much appreciated.


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    RASC companies seem to have inhabited an entire parallel universe when it came to semi-official markings...a complicated'll be contributing if you can 'reverse-engineer' from his service records as there is little documented...and M.E.F. was a law unto itself any way !
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  3. Hodges & Taylor (page 115, part of "Units Transferred to BNAF or in 15 Army Group, list issed by GHQ MEF 30 November 1943") give AoS Serial 2470 over RASC Flash as 397 General Transport Company, but that looks like a typo, because the same unit is also listed immediately before with AoS 1766. Next listed is 404 GT Coy RASC (AoS 2278), so the unit with AoS 2470 should be among 398 to 403 Coys.

    The Service Record should indeed provide the answer.
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