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    What are the planes about a minute from the end I thought at first they were Battles and then Hurricanes - but the rudder was wrong. Any ideas what they are
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    Bolton Paul Defiants. In film they are being used as night-fighters.

    Bolton-Paul Defiant

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    The Bolton Paul Defiant was a single engined two seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force from the late 1930s and through the Second World War. This aircraft was armed with four rifle calibre machine guns located in a single turret immediately behind the cockpit. It did not have any fixed forward firing guns.
    From a distance, the Defiant looks similar to a Hawker Hurricane fighter, which may have been an advantage in early combat with the Luftwaffe since German pilots would attack from behind, thinking that they had the advantage, only to be shot at from the rear facing turret.
    The Germans learned and changed their tactics and attacked the Defiants from below, where no defence was possible and heavy losses resulted. The Defiant was rather underpowered and because of losses it was relegated to night fighter duties over Britain until other aircraft designed for the role came into service. It was finally phased out of front line service in 1942 though was used for liaison and target towing duties until the end of the war.
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    Good find Owen, I would agree the are Defiants.
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    Thanks Owen , now I can see the frame above - they're definitely Boulton Paul Defiants , didn't see the turret until ran film second time .

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