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Discussion in 'Network Information, Suggestions and Feedback' started by Steve Bell, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Steve Bell

    Steve Bell Member

    Sorry to be a pain but not too good with this stuff. I was loading some media to a folder in Gallery when I reached my upload quota. Does this just apply for today or permanently?
    Thanks - Regards Steve
  2. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Hmm, I'll have to check when at a pc, but fear you may have reached the total limit.
    Will be in touch this evening, & if I'm not, nudge me.
  3. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I've fiddled in the admin area , you should be able to upload more images now.
    Thanks for sharing them.
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  4. Steve Bell

    Steve Bell Member

    Thanks for that Owen and von Poop, I will try to make the images a bit smaller in size as well to see if that helps.
    Best regards - Steve
  5. Steve Bell

    Steve Bell Member

    Would it help if I deleted those folders, re-sized the images and uploaded them again?
  6. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Had a look, Steve.
    Owen's fix should mean you're now able to upload more (?).
    I don't want you to go to too much bother & redo all your images, but it is definitely a help if people can get the filesize down as small as possible. Try it from now on maybe, as you should have quite a bit more space now.

    E.g. Took one of yours at almost a megabyte, and shrunk it to around 100kb without any real loss of quality & it could go a lot smaller.
    (Filesize. Not Image size.)


    This file compacting should really be built in/automatic.
    Will endeavour to have a word with Otto about that.
  7. Steve Bell

    Steve Bell Member

    Thanks for that von Poop, I will have a go at the weekend
    Best regards - Steve

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