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    latest Ali ipad 025.JPG Hi the attached is my great uncle Ernest Reid kia in 1943 in Tunisia. I know he was a regular soldier prior to the war but the uniform seems quite dated. Would this have been worn for a special event such as a parade etc? he is the chap smiling on our left unsure who the other two are but perhaps someone can identify them? latest Ali ipad 025.JPG
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    The two on the outside are in full dress uniform and the man in the centre appears to be in a Napoleonic era uniform.

    It's possible they were at a commemoration of a Napoleonic battle the regiment fought at. The regimental museum states that as well as fighting in Spain they were the only Irish infantry regiment that fought at Waterloo.

    The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - A Brief History | Inniskillings

    Someone would need to confirm that is a 27th Foot badge on his shako (Head dress).

    Is there a date on the photograph?

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    Thank you for that information. No there isn’t a date on the photo but he was my grans brother and I think the only photo she had of him. I have mentioned some research I was trying to find out about Sgt Reid elsewhere on this forum. He died in 1943 but this was taken well before war broke out I believe. I suspect it was a commemoration event thank you again.
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    Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.PNG
    A smart looking uniform Alison.

    Attached is an image from a Gale & Polden postcard that is pre-ww1 but still will give you an idea of what the uniform your great uncle wore looked like.

    Have you contacted the museum? They may be able to help you more.

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    I am waiting for a response from them so hopefully it will come soon. Ernie was very badly injured in the shoulder at Dunkirk but got home to Derry having been given a lot of alcohol. My gran and great gran nursed him for him to return and be killed whilst on a nighttime patrol. I am also hoping to get hold of Sgt Mcateers report about this. I wish I had more photos of him but I dnt know if his son is alive or not or if he would have anything. Thank you for the postcard it very interesting so I will add to Ernie’s bits in our family tree.
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    On Ernies photo was the uniform all black?
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    Pretty sure that uniform would be the same colours as shown in the postcard, just the way the black/white image captures it. I would expect the soldier in the centre's tunic to be scarlet as well.

    Is that an original photograph or newspaper image? Behind glass? As there is a bit of glare across it as well.

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    It is a photocopy as I have the original but have misplaced it think it must be in loft it was really old and crumpled
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    Possibly taken at
    `The Northern Tattoo` Roundhay Leeds.1939 (Roundhay Park, Leeds, from June 28 to July 8th 1939)
    Pageantry and tradition,at Rounhay.
    The Inniskilling Fusiliers will wear full dress scarlet tunics and characteristic fusilier busbies ..a little smaller than Guardsman Bearskins. One of the big scenic sets will represent Inniskilling Castle the vicinity of the maze will be transformed into the Himalayas complete with an Afghan fort
    Leeds Mercury 02 June 1939

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    Wow that is amazing I will try and get a copy of the paper. Perhaps then the original photo was taken by the press. Thank you
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    Sorry no photo ,only the comment above featured in the Leeds Mercury perhaps another newspaper?

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    Ok thanks
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    1939 I think was the regiments 250th anniversary and they were presented with new colours ? It was a detachment from the 2nd Battalion that were at Leeds? Here`s a relevant page regarding the tattoo ..


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