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  1. San_V

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    Hi, first post here and hoping someone can help me.

    This is the only photo we have (he's on the left) of my husband's grandfather. All we know is he served in WW2 and were told a story about him driving a tank but have no idea if this is true and believe he was based near Salisbury, Wilts. The photo is incredibly unclear, so much so we can't make out the cap badges.

    I've searched for him on Forces War Records and can't seem to find anything either. His name was Alfred Edward David Vincent born 1919.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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  2. Owen

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    Looks like Royal Artillery to me.
    Some members can look up his name in the attestation rolls.
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  3. AB64

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    Attestation and tracer (this seems to be the only RA match)

    vincent.jpg vincent 2.jpg
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  4. bamboo43

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    I had the very same thoughts.
  5. San_V

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    Thank you so much! Can somebody decipher what it all means for me?
  6. James Harvey

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    The medal office will confirm medals

    the army records will release his service file for £30


  7. San_V

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    Thanks James, we actually have his medals, just no idea what he did or where he went.
  8. Tullybrone

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    Look at this link -


    Basically he appears to have served in Territorial Army RA ore war (uniform supports that) in 55th Field Regiment that was split into half (duplicated) before WW2 to create 112th Field Regiment.

    Your best bet is to apply for his full service record from U.K. MOD via this link -

    Get a copy of military service records

    It will amplify greatly the shorthand entries on the Tracer Card.



    Hope you didn’t waste any money on Forces War Records? It doesn’t have a very good reputation on here.

    Make sure you cancelled the recurring monthly fee......


    He doesn’t appear to have any overseas service from the Tracer Card. Which medals do you have?
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