Uniform and badge help Gordon Highlanders.

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    Hi Folk's need some help for a fellow Rootschat member,trying to find out info on his Grandad via
    a wartime photo,as you can see the regiment is Gordon Highlander's but the arm patch has
    thrown me look's naval,also hard to tell epaulet title my eye's see Canada but then my eyes aren't what they
    used to be any help appreciated
    Regard's Steve.
    Need help identifying Unknown cap/badges (World War Two) - RootsChat.Com
  2. Owen

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    badge, formation, home district, Orkney and Shetland Defences & Osdef

    The design of the badge echoes the association of the Defences with the naval base at Scapa Flow and incidentally reflects the colours of the Royal Artillery. Although including some infantry, a large proportion of the Orkney and Shetland Defence organization was Anti-Aircraft and Coast Defence gunners. The badge was adopted by 861 Independent Light Anti-Aircraft Battery Royal Artillery (O & Z) TA in 1956.

    [​IMG] badge, formation, home district, Orkney and Shetland Defences & Osdef. © IWM (INS 6484) IWM Non Commercial License
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    Great stuff Owen,what would the connection to the Gordon Highlander's be would it be similar for example to my local
    regiment (DLI) transfering to the Royal Artillery and keeping the DLI in their title's and is that Gordon's on his epaulet?
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  5. stevej60

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    Thank's Owen and Kyle,it seem's Scapa flow did feature in his service I've suggested to Kieran sending for his
    record's for the full picture as he has a more few photo's in different uniform's.
  6. Love the Gordon Highlanders.
    My icon image is my Gt. Grandfathers Troop in the PoW camp they are captured in.

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