U Boat U 966 wreckage found off NW Spanish coast

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    Spain divers find WW2 U-boat wreckage

    I note that it had a short operational career of 10 months,a reflection on how the Battle of Atlantic was being won by anti U Boat Allied forces in late 1943...a prerequisite for the invasion of Europe.
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    Showing photo of Liberator I. AM929 H/120. Prior to coastal configuration
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    From the same site

    The Type VIIC U-boat U-966 - German U-boats of WWII - uboat.net
    Scuttled on 10 November 1943 in the Bay of Biscay off Porto de Bares, Spain, in position 43.46,8N, 07.38W, after being badly damaged by depth charges from a British Wellington (612 Sqn RAF/B), two US Liberator (VB-103 USN/E & VB-110 USN/E) and a Czech Liberator aircraft (311 Sqn RAF/D). 8 dead and 42 survivors.

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    Would this be the crew of the downed Catalina

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    A potted history of Liberator I AM929

    Construction Number 20.

    Ex 40-2368

    Arrived St. Hubert 13.8.41. Test flights 17/18.8.41. Took on charge S.Hubert 19.8.41. To Gander 19.8.41. Gander Prestwick 19/20.8.41. To Scottish Aviation, Prestwick 20.8.41. Scottish Aviation to A&AEE Boscombe Down for bomb sight and diving trials 2.9.41. Returned to Scottish Aviation 25.1.42 for 120 Squadron mods, required as replacements aircraft. Converted to Liberator Mk.I. Operationally equipped with modified ASV Mk.II radar (No stickleback antenna as with previous Liberator Is) and no 20mm cannon. Scottish Aviation to 120 Squadron 3.8.42 (OH-H) Sank U 597 12.10.42 (Bulloch) Sank U 194 26.6.43 (Fraser) aircraft damaged in attack, repaired on site by 43 Group. Returned to 120 Squadron 6.8.43. Sank U 540 (Turnbull) with Liberator BZ712 of 59 Squadron. 120 Squadron to Scottish Aviation 23.12.43 for major overhaul, guns and ASV removed, awaiting collection 12.4.44. Rejected by Coastal Command as obsolete, held on Scottish Aviation charge from 8.7.44. Modified for use as transport. Flown Prestwick – Reykjavik – Dorval by Ferry Command crew for 231 Squadron 16/17.3.45.

    Extract from RAF Form 1180 (Accident Record Card)

    On 9.4.45 whilst on a communication flight the aircraft forced landed at 20.00 hours after a flight lasting 31 mins at Simone near St.Hyacinthe, Quebec Bay. The aircraft struck High Tension cables on approach after the starboard inner engine caught fire and fell out at 5000 feet, with the loss of power Flaps could not be lowered and the aircraft could not clear the obstruction, crashed and burnt out.

    Primary Cause – Fire in No.3 engine

    Contributory Factors – Failure of No.4 engine – failure of Hydraulics

    Civilian Inspection Supervisor dismissed (?)
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    Thanks for clearing that up Ross

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    No 311 Czech Squadron was formed at Honington as a Bomber Command squadron at the end of July 1940 and was equipped with the Wellington 1C .

    It was one of the Bomber Command squadrons that Harris was forced to and reluctantly had to accept for a transfer to Coastal Command in the spring of 1942 when that command was struggling against the U Boat menace in the Atlantic.Such was the shortfall in Liberators availability that the squadron continued to use its Wellingtons in the new role until June 1943.
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