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    No fault of your own im sure, and an otherwise excelent post.
    But you have a few inaccuracies in respect of your description of the Daimler Scout and Armoured cars.

    Both the Daimler scout and armoured car do in fact have a chassis, and a very substantial one at that consisting of two deep channel beams running the length of the vehicle. These are held in place by cross braces and all the major components, engine, hull, gearbox, wheel stations etc are directly or indirectly attached to the chassis. The only thing the hull supports are the wings, side bins and turret in the case of the armoured car.

    I suspect that the errors have come from cribbing from some well known books that are equally very wrong!
    And have a very old book in my possession published in the late 1960’s in which the error was made and I think it has been replicated by others since, in all innocence.

    Interestingly I think I know how the error occurred,.....
    In the Bovington Tank Museum there is a photo of the armoured car hull being manufactured, and this has a complete steel floor pan.
    This would suggest indeed that it is one piece strong monocoque construction hull.

    However as far as I am aware, no vehicles actually had such a steel floor and such a floor would have made access to the mechanicals for maintenance purposes etc impossible.

    It is my assumption that the floor shown in the photo is a temporary jig to hold all plates in place, until the hexagonal hull sides were fully welded together and it was then removed.

    If interested in Daimlers and there usage in service, please see my website


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    You are of course correct. I have a diagram of the chassis and its lubrication points. Careless of me.


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