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    On the attached snippet, in the line starting "Taken on Strength" and ending "on posting from HQ 13 Inf Bde", I presume 100 Leave Camp was the title of a leave camp (this was NWE - where?) and what does "20 L and C" mean?

    Grateful for help.

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  2. Trux

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    20 Line of Communication Sub Area was a Headquarters responsible for the administration of the army facilities around Brussels/Louvain.

    100 Leave Camp was presumably in that area.

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    Thank you Mike. I had dismissed Lines of Communication because the record quite clearly has L AND C - presumably a makee learnee clerk??
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    Just another thought. This was around late 45 or early 46 as it was 23/5/46 when he left NWE. Now this would be a time when different abbreviations came into being for example the army was now BAOR.
    Tos. Posted to 100 leave camp 20 L and C.
    So by adding a comma and two words what do we have?
    Tos. Posted to 100 leave camp, at 20 Leave and Convalescent Depot/camp.
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  5. Trux

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    Quite possible. My knowledge and documents only go as far as May 1945.

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    Makes sense RCG, thank you. There are certainly many references to Leave and Convalescent Camps/Depots to be found. Given that this was the last place he was in before return to UK and discharge, I am content to know that this was part of his journey from active service to civilian life. Thank you all.

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