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    Just wondering, does anyone here play Call of Duty 2 multiplayer TR? If not then i shall explain.

    TR stands for Tactical Realiam. This means that on TR servers you cannot do things such as jump out of 2 story windows, you move slower than normall to represent all the equipment you are carrying, you have to work in squads, you have to aim down the sights, there is a certain number of certain weapons avalible to each team - generally 1 MG, 1 smg, 1 sniper, 2 semi-auto rifles (except when playing American as the m1 is semi-auto, so the m1a1 carbine counts as the semi-auto). The piont of it is to try and play more realisticly than the normal 'run n' gun' servers. Another recquirement is Teamspeak or Ventrilo (TS or Vent) these are used so that during matches teams mates can communtcate 'over the radio' telling each other of troop movements and such.

    Most TR clans (or units as TR players call them) have reailistic names, foe example there is an 10 mountain Division, a 1st Infantry Division, a 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment etc.

    There is also a big TR leauge called ETO (guess what it stands for :rolleyes:). It has small tournaments and every about year it does a big re-enactment of a WW2 campaign. This years one (which is about to start) is called Operation Sealion. The Axis basically have to take over blighty and the allies have to stop them. For more info go to the ETO site:

    I myself am in the 10th Huzars:

    hope to see some of you CoD2 player on TR servers soon

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