TORPEDO JUICE: "The Madness & the Myth"

Discussion in 'General' started by vcs-ww2, Feb 28, 2009.

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    In South Africa grain, grapes, corn, peaches are blended and then distilled. The result is a drink called "WitBlits" (white lightning). Its true. But even better:
    That actually sounds quite nice.
    I'm a great believer in Rumtopft, & I can even stand the dreaded 'kitchen Juice' (Neat Gin that's been briefly introduced to tinned cherries) that a large proportion of my female friends enjoy, the thought of taking the process that bit further and distilling from scratch with similar ingredients quite appeals.
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    A friend bought some stuff back from Bosnia, served in a tatty plastic water bottle we assumed it'd been brewed up in a Serbian dustbin. The only alcohol ever that we've been unable to find a successful mixer for, it's 'distinctive' taste overriding absolutely everything
    It may still reside at Bodston's house somewhere... unless he's used it all for cleaning metalwork by now.

    Is it called something like Slipovich....We had a guy Casivac'd out of theatre to Germany on that stuff :lol:
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    Regarding the various ingredients for the distillation of alcohol:

    During WW2, natives on many of the Pacific islands made an alcoholic home-brew by fermenting and distilling coconut. Probably not under the most sanitary of conditions. The concoction had a name, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. I think it was something like "Tuba" – but I’m not sure. Maybe someone else here can identify it.

    We were constantly being warned by our officers not to drink the stuff because it could cause blindness. They claimed it was actually happening. Now, that sounds like a stretch – like a scare tactic – but, at the same time, it’s hard to believe that they would make up something so preposterous, if it wasn’t true. Make up your own mind.

    I, for one, gave them the benefit of the doubt.

    . – . – .
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    An early form of Malibu ?
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    I have friends in North Carolina and I can assure you that Moonshine is still brewed up in the Blue Ridge Mountain stills!:D

    Several years ago I was provided with a shot and it nearly blew my head off.

    I never knew the term Torpedo Juice then, I just called it Rocket Fuel/Paint stripper!


    And here in my part of the South.

    I don't do real moonshine, I've seen how they make it. I guess I don't need to see how sausage is made, I may never eat it again. either.

    I got my father some "store bought" shine this past Christmas. I tempted fate and poured up a snort. I tried to drink it, but it made my eye do that funny twitchy thing, followed by the sensation of lava being poured down my goozle. And like your Bosnian spirits, Adam, it defied being subdued by any other flavor-tempering liquid.
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    I quite like that "funny twitchy thing" when it happens :D.

    I've had carribean sourced coconut distillations & malibu ain't the word Drew ;), polystyrene cups melting... I kid you not.

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