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    Hi all - I would be very grateful if any sleuthing experts out there could assist in trying to find wartime details of the above.

    He is listed on my Church War Memorial in Royton and is also listed on the Royton Town Memorial, however he died from TB in July 1948 I believe and is buried in Hollinwood Cemetery on the other side of Oldham. Despite war service he was just outside the time for allocation of a War Grave and the civil headstone states he did war service. We do not know what branch of the Services he served with so would appreciate any assistance.

    Many thanks
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    Theres a 5045483 Pte T Tetlow North Staffs wounded 23 April 1943 and a
    2662110 Gdsm T E Tetlow 3rd Coldstream Gds missing 20 June 1942 later listed as a PoW 1943 reported no longer a PoW now in a neutral country. 1944 arrived back in the UK.

    for info

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    Just so others having something to get their teeth into
    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Tom Tetlow
    Registration Date: Apr 1916
    [May 1916]
    [Jun 1916]
    Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
    Registration district: Oldham
    Inferred County: Greater Manchester
    Mother's Maiden Name: Markland
    Volume Number: 8d
    Page Number: 1146

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Tom Tetlow
    Death Age: 32
    Birth Date: abt 1916
    Registration Date: Jul 1948
    [Aug 1948]
    [Sep 1948]
    Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration district: Middleton
    Inferred County: Lancashire
    Volume: 10e
    Page: 433

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  5. Mr Jinks

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    1939 Register

    Tom Tetlow (Butcher)
    B 5th June 1916
    142-144 Castleton Road ,Royton
    Son of Harry Tetlow and Lily Tetlow
    Husband of Marion Tetlow 144 Castleton Rd ,Royton (Probate)
    D 12 July 1948

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    Not Royston, he's on the memorial in Royton.

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  7. Mr Jinks

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    Simple typo Tim now amended Cheers

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