This evening I am thinking of Brian Guy, Ron Goldstein and...

Discussion in 'General' started by Old Git, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Old Git

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    ...Tom Canning, and all those other young boys who risked it all so that my generation could grow-up in peace and freedom. For what it is worth I offer you my deepest thanks although I know there are no words that could ever, fully convey the enormous debt of gratitude we all owe you and your comades!

    Has anyone heard from Brian over the last year or so? last I heard he was trying to get his good lady wife into a care home and I suspect he went with her. He certainly seems to have disappeared from the net since then, so if anyone could offer some words on how he's doing I'd be most grateful to hear them.
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  2. Smudger Jnr

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    Wonderful sentiments for all those who took part in greatest operation in history.
    Many paid the ultimate price, not to mention those who were severely injured.
    Respect for them all.
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  3. Susan Smethurst

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    Through this forum I met Tom Canning who became my very dear friend ( May God rest him) and I am good friends with his daughter too . But today I remember most my father Captain JB Smethurst and all his tankie comrades sitting waiting to go over the water through mud to blood and then the green fields beyond. upload_2019-6-5_20-52-32.jpeg
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