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    On the 5th May 1945, Lt General Charles Foulkes, GOC, 1 Canadian Corp took the unconditional surrender of the German 25th Army from Col General Johannes Blaskowitz in the Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen.

    Click the link to see photos of the building in 1940 and 1945 HOTEL DE WERELD . I attach a photo of the Hotel shortly after the 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2005 (it was completely refurbished in 2004) and the memorial close by.

    Surrender of Germans in Holland - 12May05.JPG

    War Memorial Wageningen - 12May05.JPG

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    Canuck & DYRCH17 ... we had a beer in the Liberation Room ... and an excellent dinner in the restaurant of the Hotel De Wereld!

    De wereld 2.jpg
    Liberation Room.JPG

    De Wereld.JPG

    What we failed to see was the pencil that was used to sign the act - which is one of the treasures kept at the local Museum at Wageningen.

    See also a first visit with DYRCH to Wageningen: Tour of Northeast Holland
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