The Scheldt - 75th Anniversary

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    This promises to be an interesting event and it includes our good friend Johan.

    The Netherlands Institute for Military History in cooperation with the Military Science Faculty (FMW) of the NLDA organizes:
    THE CONFERENCE Battle for the Scheldt – 1944
    In the autumn of 1944 the Allies turned their attention to the Scheldt area. The use of the Antwerp docks, which had been captured intact by the British, was of vital importance for supplying the allied armies. This meant that the Germans had to be cleared from both banks of the Scheldt. In early October the allied attack was launched. Subsequently there was a six-week struggle to open up the Scheldt. The price was high: over three thousand allied soldiers were killed as were more than four thousand Germans, and well over two thousand Dutch and Belgian civilians lost their lives. The material damage was staggering.
    During the conference, the Battle for the Scheldt – 1944, both Canadian and Dutch military historians will look in detail at the military operations that occurred during the autumn of 1944 in Zeeland and the west of North Brabant. What roles did the ground, air and naval forces play? What went according to plan and what went wrong? What were the consequences for the civilian population?
    In the morning NIMH historian Erwin van Loo will refl ect on the operations of the Canadian army while the Canadian historians Mike Bechthold and Stephen Connor will cover respectively the role of the allied tactical air forces and the remembrance and commemoration of the Battle for the Scheldt. In the afternoon Dutch historians Jack Didden, Robert Catsburg and Johan van Doorn will look at the battle for the Scheldt from three different angles.
    The conference will be chaired jointly by Wim Klinkert (FMW/NLDA) and Ben Schoenmaker (NIMH).
    The final details of the programme will be announced shortly.

    When: 30 October 2019, 09:00 – 17.30 hours
    Where: Woensdrecht Air Base
    Language: English
    Registration: Register at
    RSVP: Before 15 October 2019
    Free admission

    Thanks to Randy for the heads up.
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    Shame it's on a Wednesday.
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    I'm looking for a link to Walcheren 75th Celebrations for Infatuate Operation and role of British Navy, especially with LCT 737 involvement. My dad was part of this. Now living in Australia, Perth. Regards Anne (daughter).
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