The Polish Pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain.

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    Thanks for posting this pretty thorough story incl. pics.
    Did I overlook it, or do you have any idea what happened to all of them during the fiftees and sixtees ?
    In April this year, I was astonished about a Polish pilot flying from Poland, via Germany to Sardinia. His English was so poor and the cabin crew spoke no English, little German and Polish only.:reallymad:
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    "France's capitulation on 25 June 1940 forced the Polish Armed Forces, alongside other Allied troops, to withdraw their units to Britain. A further 6,220 Polish air personnel would reach Britain by the end of July 1940, increasing the total of Polish airmen on British soil to 8,384 men."

    And here is how they made their escape from France in mid-June 1940:

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    The London Gazette of 20 October 1941 (16 months after the operation) contains this announcement:

    The KING has been pleased to grant unrestricted permission for the wearing (or for the acceptance by the next-of-kin) of the Cross of Valour (Krzyz Walecznych) which has been conferred by the President of the Polish Republic upon the under-mentioned Officers and Men of the Merchant Navy in recognition of their gallant conduct during the withdrawal of Polish troops from France in June, 1940: —

    The Late Captain Edgar Wallace Moulton, Master, S.S. Arandora Star. The Late Joseph Brindley, Bosun's Mate, S.S. Arandora Star. Captain John William Cromarty, Master, S.S. Glendinning. Captain Duncan Darroch, Master, M.V. Royal Scotsman. Captain Lachlan Dewar, Master, S.S. Baron Kinnaird. Captain Tom Valentine Frank, Master, S.S. Alderpool. Captain Alfred Hinchcliff, Master, S.S. Kelso. Captain John Murray Legg, Master, M.V. Ettrick. Captain Richard William Stanley Marshall, Master, S.S. Glenlea. Captain Duncan McCall, Master, S.S. Blair Nevis. Captain David Frederick Owens, Master, M.V. Ulster Monarch. Captain Henry Edward Geves Scott-Smith, Master, S.S. Clan Ferguson. Captain William Warriner Watson**, Master, S.S. Delius. Mr George Smith Anderton, Chief Officer, S.S. Kelso. Mr Arthur William Craib, Chief Officer, S.S. Baron Kinnaird. Mr Alexander Miller, Chief Officer, S.S. Glenlea.* Mr William Ritchie Pitkeathly, Second Officer, M.V. Royal Scotsman. Mr Wroth Thomas Coull Lethbridge, Troop Officer, M.V. Ettrick. Mr Hall Wilson, Chief Steward, S.S. Blair Nevis. Mr Albert John Toy, Chief Steward, S.S. Delius. Mr John Whyte, Steward, S.S. Glendinning. Mr Joseph Lois, Able Seaman, S.S. Alderpool.

    There were other decorations for some of the ships that saved Czech troops.

    I should add that today is Merchant Navy Day.
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    Kevin - maybe that's part of the reason we have so many Poles here today? They've earned it.
    Very interesting link.
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