The Poles at Brancepeth 1947

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    A year or so ago I posted a question about Polish soldiers stationed at Brancepeth. After some research I’ve discovered the reason for the Poles posting. In the attached Pdf please find an informal paper/article I wrote for the Durham County Archive and the DLI Bugle recounting a nearly unknown post-war British Army 1947 scheme to enlist Poles from the Polish Resettlement Corps (PRC). The uncle I am researching was caught up in this scheme in an administrative capacity which he documented in a handful of pictures and scrawled captions about his posting to Brancepeth's 68 PTC.

    For those who may know of a relative or friend (British or Polish) that might have been part of or witness to this post-war enlistment scheme kindly feel free to contact me. I hope you find the article interesting and enlightening.


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    I don't know if this helps at all, but apparently around 500 of these blokes ended up coming to Australia to work on the Tasmanian Hydroelectric scheme - they all arrived wearing Polish Army uniforms so I presume they came via Brancepeth.

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    Hey Dave

    The chaps in your news clipping were part of the 11,000 who immigrated to other countries of their choice. The men in your clipping had been discharged from the PRC to start new lives in Australia.


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