The "Old Comrades" of the 24L...

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    The "Old Comrades" of the 24th Lancers


    I am pondering the title of this one - I think it's of the first official reunion.

    There's a description in "None Had Lances" on page 209 - which also mentions that these were held annually - usually at the Eccleston Hotel, London in March - though I think this particular picture dates perhaps from May 1947.
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  2. Ramiles

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    This, I think, is of the "24th L's Old Comrades" - 2nd official reunion dinner, with a date here of May 1948.
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    I have isolated each of the faces in the first reunion picture, shown below, and moving across the picture (roughly) from the left to right. This is perhaps with an aim to adding the actual name(s) of the person in each picture as and when (known) etc.

    (At the mo. I currently count about 110 "shown" at the first reunion - at least in that first picture, and a bit more - around 144 in the 2nd one in 1948. )

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    Some of the names to the numbers etc.

    (Nb. I will try to edit corrections etc. when noted, and some of the names may be (at best) guesses - unless some really firm evidence comes to light ;-)

    #10 = Bertram Garai : And see link ref: 24th Lancers - Roll of Honour

    #14 = James Waine (Possibly)

    #15 = Unknown

    #16 = Henry Barry (Speculatively?)

    #20 = Stanley J. Cooper MM

    #27 = Dick Ratcliffe (Perhaps?)

    #29 = David Higginson

    #30 = Pat McIver

    #31 = John Boisseau (Possibly?)

    #35 = Mike Aird (The original commanding officer of the 24th L)

    #37 = A.C.Hawkins (Possibly?)

    #39 = Reg Snowling (Perhaps?) : Ref:

    #42 = David Turquand

    #44 = 'Pip' Williams

    #48 = Leonard Willis (Perhaps?)

    #52 = B.A.Jewell (Perhaps?)

    #71 = John Cropper (Perhaps?) e.g. : 24th Lancers - Roll of Honour

    #74 = Clive Dixon? - (To be confirmed ;-)

    #77 = Fred Bartlett (Perhaps?)

    #84 = Lt. David Gray (Speculatively?)

    #99 = Stan Nash (Perhaps?)
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    10 = Bertram Garai
    13 = Mark Green? - not sure.
    27 = Dick Ratcliffe ?
    31 = David Higginson
    37 = Mike Aird
    44 = David Turquand
    46 = 'Pip' Williams
    77 = Clive Dixon? - must ask him!
    102 = Stan Nash?
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    May 1948 photo, 'top table' from left of photo:
    David Turquand
    Ken Wareham
    Mark Green
    Ken Gill?
    David Higginson
    WAC Anderson
    Mike Aird
    Pip Williams
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  7. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    I have made just a quick (sneek-prequel) attempt at isolating the individual faces on the second (May 1948) picture...

    (Nb. there are almost half as many faces again on this particular picture and it was very hard to order them very well from left to right) - the images will have to be improved from some better scans I have and there may be some number to faces reordering, if it seems sensible to move them about in order to help order (and thereby present them to find on the picture - a little better) - the rather tall figure #71 (currently) - that slightly "looms at the back" - has slightly intrigued me - as I did wonder - if for a moment - it was actually just a "statue" that the hall had in-situ at the back.


    I've also been thinking of my options re. better associating any properly known names with the faces on the actual pictures etc. So for the first picture, i.e. that taken in May 1947...


    Or... (a finer version of this sort of thing... )


    But the way used here... 24th Lancers - Roll of Honour

    Is probably preferable. I was surprised and quite pleased ;-) to see that Bertram Garai was #10 on there also!
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  8. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    On 16th May 1947, 71 years ago today, there was (NHL p209)...

    "a Service of Remembrance, Thanksgiving and Dedication in memory of all 24th Lancers who had died serving their country. it was held at St.Peter's Church, Vere Street, London, W1 on 16th May 1947 when the church was packed with Lancers and their families. The Service was conducted by our Padre, the Revd Mark Green, and the Order of Service included the well-known hymns, Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him, O God Our Help in Ages Past and Jerusalem. The Service was followed by a Reunion at a nearby restaurant."

    St.Peter's Church, Vere Street, London, W1: St Peter, Vere Street - Wikipedia

    And: St.Peter's Church, Vere Street, London, W1 - Google Search

    With the picture above (initial post) taken by:


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    I believe this copy of the Order of Service was Mark Greens copy!



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  10. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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