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    How it `could` have been reported .Ironic that this was almost 77 years to the day.....
    (Thanks Jim)
    and how they `used` to work..


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    That is true. I was especially surprised why they put the SC50 on a some sort of pedestal when the right thing would have been bury its nose a bit into the ground, how deep depends the hardness of the ground and the fastness of the fusing they tried to emulate. But anyway IMHO the docu shows well for a layman the destructive power of military ordanance. And IIRC the "V-2 warhead" was buried fairly deep and showed the effect of a big high explosive charge blowing up fairly deep undergroud.
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    I wonder how strong the explosion was in comparison to the original Amatol? I have read that the proportion of TNT should not fall below 60% of the mix with Ammonium Nitrate for maximum efficiency, whereas their mix would have been mostly nitrate with a small amount of (presumably) diesel. The positioning near the foot of the bank would have also provided some shielding from the blast. The blast itself to me was reminiscent of a scaled down WW1 mine.
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    Perhaps they could set up a Freepost address to avoid the callouts...
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    Not unexploded bomb but still flirting with death yesterday in Tennessee.

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    I read an interview with Sasha Baron Cohen Chris Morris who said that he was inspired to write Four Lions (a magnificent film) when he read about the abortive attempt to bomb the U.S.S. The Sullivans in January 2000.

    USS The Sullivans (DDG-68) - Wikipedia

    The terrorists hadn't done any calculations and attempted to load such a weight of explosives into their speed boat that it sank in the harbour of Aden before any attack could be launched. And that's when he realised there was a seam of comedy to be mined from the grim subject of terrorism.

    He also discovered an account of a British terrorist cell that had trained at a Jihadi camp in Pakistan, but once they had returned to the UK, planned an attack on a nightclub and stocked up on fertiliser, they discovered that none of them was able to remember quite how the bomb-making process went--so they made an international phonecall to their contact in Pakistan and asked about the hazy stages in open language. This, of course, alerted the security services at once.

    And that's the value of idiots.
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    You NEVER cut the red wire - in all the films I have watched they never ever cut the red wire

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    Further to Post #21
    GARRETT, CHARLES MICHAEL. Died 06/06/1942. Aged 7. Civilian War Dead
    of 56A De Laune Street. Son of John Edward and Jane Elizabeth Garrett. Died at 65 Gurney Street.

    GARRETT, DAVID. Died 06/06/1942. Aged 2. Civilian War Dead
    of 56A De Laune Street. Son of John Edward and Jane Elizabeth Garrett. Died at 65 Gurney Street.

    The CWGC records:
    BISHOP, THOMAS EDWARD. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 5

    COLWELL, SYDNEY RAYMOND. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 9

    GARRETT, CHARLES MICHAEL. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 7

    GARRETT, DAVID. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 2

    GARRETT, IVY ROSINA. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 6

    LAWRENCE, WILLIAM ALBERT. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 14

    LONGMAN, HERBERT STANLEY. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 63

    MOYCE, ELLEN. Saturday, June 6, 1942

    SOPP, JOSEPH. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 19

    SUMMERFIELD, CAROLINE LOUISA. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 54

    USHER, WALTER ERNEST. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 4

    VERITY, THOMAS. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 70

    WRIGHT, MARY ANN. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 20

    WHITEHEAD, MARY FRANCES. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 65

    DAWSON, FRANK SHAW. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 43

    CARTER, EDWARD BRYAN. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 4

    WELLS, WILLIAM JOHN. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 64

    BARNETT, WILLIAM CHARLES JOHN. Monday, June 8, 1942. Age 15

    18 in all, mostly elderly or very young, all able bodied obviously in the Services in some form or other.
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    Huh - ?? -
    CARTER, EDWARD BRYAN. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 4
    GARRETT, DAVID. Saturday, June 6, 1942. Age 2


    Forgot to add - what makes them CWGCable ??
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    Read it properly.
    Able bodied away in the services.
    Hence the dead are old or young.

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    I have read it properly - just forgot something that I have now added - its called getting old

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    Ok sorry. Misunderstood what you were getting at. Eating lunch & reading forum on phone at same time.
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    I think it was Chris Morris rather than Sacha Baron Cohen who wrote Four Lions. Regardless though I think the film’s take on a lot of current terrorists is probably quite near the mark. It also puts me in mind of the squad of inept bunglers who set out to murder Archduke Franz Ferdinand - quite the comedy of errors ...except for the fact they succeeded against the odds and inadvertently caused the deaths of millions and reshaped the global order in the process.
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    Greenwich Village townhouse explosion - Wikipedia

    No one in the collective was experienced with explosives. Terry Robbins and Cathy Wilkerson lacked knowledge even in the basics of electricity. Members worked up a simple circuit without safety features, consisting of a battery, a fuse, a clock, and wires connecting these elements. They inserted dynamite into a one-foot length of water pipe packed with nails. Precisely what went wrong remains uncertain, but the resulting series of blasts in the sub-basement of the townhouse killed those near the bomb and caused the collapse of the townhouse.[7]
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