The Honourable Finnish Swastika

Discussion in 'Scandinavia and Finland' started by Peter Clare, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Latvians also used it.

    Latvian Aircraft - 1918-1940
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    Prior to WW2, the US Army also used it as a divisional shoulder patch (45th Division, IIRC, later replaced by a thunderbird insignia). I also have a Korean Bronze Temple Bell from the Pre-WW2 era which has swastikas all over it--- a very old and honored symbol in many cultures. Doc
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    Found this on Der Spiegel site Adam linked to.
    Story is a few months old.
    Nazi or Nice?: Finns Snap Up Swastika Rings for Christmas - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

    Although swastika was not invented by fuhrer after WWII it is always associated with nazi, unfortunately, and personally when I see swastika I always remember nazi.

    But today I see that some people trying to restore 'the good image' of swastika (very hard I think) and some trying to restore its bad meaning like those estonian authorities that allowing honouring veterans (hey, do u imagine SS-men marching thru your town?) of their former SS units that fought againts USSR for Estonia'a freedom (for freedom to be nazi probably)..

    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Some other users... (I believe Carlsberg(?) also used it pre-WW1)

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    Slightly off subject....

    I remember as a kid (a long while ago now!) a school chum of mine, who's family were immigrants/refugees from Latvia...He told me his father/grandfather had been in the "SS". Now there's a very disturbing symbol. I remember even back then being horrified. After all, my grandfather had fought in the British 8th Army, his brother was in the RAF. The "SS" were obviously very bad people (and indeed they weren't generally 'pleasant'). In 1940, the 'bad guy' to the inhabitants of the Baltic States was our mate, Uncle Joe Stalin. In retrospect my school chums father/grandfather just might have been have been conscripted by the Germans (into perhaps the 15th Waffen Grenadier Division) to fight the 'bad guys'.

    It's a complex world we inhabit isn't it?
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    Personally I’m just sick of historical revisionism to suit the current agenda of the day , and there’s a new one every day . When and where do you stop ? When did we cease to become rational , knowledgeable adults ?

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