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  1. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then


    Still just trying to fit in some projects before I fly off on holiday next Monday, as you have no doubt seen from my banner the holocaust is the next one.

    I have had many requests by email to have some forums added on this subject, however having thought it through I dont know if adding extra forums here would be the best idea.

    I personally like what we have going here, its nice and steady and there overall debate factor is really good thanks to all of you.

    I just feel that bringing the holocaust in given the type of subject it is may cause some issues.

    For that reason and not in any way trying to prevent its discussion I am in the process of setting up a new forum to handle this subject on a different site that will allow everyone to debate that subject, its a big topic on its own so I think a new forum justifies it.

    I am just creating a new design for the forum just now to be completed tomorrow but I value all of your opinions and would like to ask what discussion forums you would like to see there, I have an idea myself of course but am trying to be careful as I want to try and prevent it turning into a blood thirsty look back at what happened.

    I am sure you get my meaning, as I wonder whether I should do this at all, but again we should not forget what happened.
  2. robh2k4

    robh2k4 Junior Member

    Do we disscuss the holacaust in here ... or ?? i dont no, im kinda confused by the situation
  3. morse1001

    morse1001 Very Senior Member

    I am sure that we can. What aspect would you like to discuss?
  4. angie999

    angie999 Very Senior Member

    As someone who has done a fair amount of reading on both the history of Nazi Germany in general and the Holocaust specifically, I am interested in discussing the subject as serious history, but I have no interest at all in getting into "debates" with neo-Nazis. I have seen the results of their participation on The History Channel forum (US version) and it quickly degenerates to a level which rightly leads to the discussion being deleted.

    The Holocaust happened within the context of WWII, both in terms of timing and the territories occupied by Germany, but it is certainly possible to discuss the military history of WWII as a separate topic. I personally think that this forum is best suited to military history, although I realise that there will be some overlap. I think that this is probably the way most members here want it.

    On the other hand, I think that having a separate forum would be really good, particularly as we can have every confidence in Lee to make sure that it will be moderated correctly, enabling proper debate on genuine historical questions while, I hope, keeping the deniers off.
  5. DirtyDick

    DirtyDick Senior Member

    Perhaps it might be wise to put such a discussion in a misleading subject heading (such as 'Utterly') so that it can only be viewed by existing members who are aware of this fact.

    Otherwise anyone doing a simple keyword search could locate the thread, register and then add to it. Sad, I know, especially since it flies in the face of having a welcoming on-line Forum that is easy to access, but otherwise one runs the risk of having the thread deluged with the views of people on both extremes of the argument (neo-nazis and the more extreme elements of the anti-nazi league: both as intractable and ignorant as each other in my experience).

    Just a thought.


    STEVEN Senior Member

    Originally posted by DirtyDick@Jul 4 2004, 03:47 AM
    Perhaps it might be wise to put such a discussion in a misleading subject heading (such as 'Utterly') so that it can only be viewed by existing members who are aware of this fact.

    Interesting alternative to Lee's suggestion.Personally i favour the seperate forum that he is proposing.I agree with Angie999's comments.Lee (to me anyway) come's across as very professional and we should have every confidence in his abilities to moderate the new forum.

  7. DirtyDick

    DirtyDick Senior Member

    Quite right too, but I just thought that if a casual google search with simple key words came up then hordes of weirdos could enter into the fray: I have seen the overflowing message boards on some of these extremist pro- and anti- Nazi sites and they are neither pleasant nor at all constructive. It could put quite a burden on those who would be moderating the Forum (especially given the time difference with America: by 8a.m. in the UK there could be tens of such postings and replies left overnight) and this may also wrongly put off others from registering.

    Whereas if the topic was put in 'Utterly' those with a more serious interest in the War may register anyway and thus, when searching the site for previous posts, come across the topic and wish to contribute. However, my idea could of course lead to an uncomfortable air when discussing the issue and in itself hinder constructive debate, be accused or intellectual arrogance (moi?) and inhibit the cross-pollination of information, so it's six-and-two-threes, basically.

    Ho hum, the wonders of the Internet I 'spose.

  8. morse1001

    morse1001 Very Senior Member

    Google worldwide 63700
    UK 2520

    I can understand peoples concerns about discussing the Holcaust on a open forum like ours. Afterall the Holocaust is a very emotive subject and many people, myself included, have very strong views on the matter.

    if i tell you that one of most valuable books is a copy of the Kadesh - prayer for rhe dead- which had been carried by a Rabbi during his time in the camps, you can se where i am coming from.

    Moreover, The thought that it might be taken over by those whose motives are not entirely historically as are ours, can be very off putting.

    But above i put the total number of hits on Goggle for Holocaust Forums. We do not come up!

    However, the next problem is that thw Holocaust covers a great deal of other subjects. There is talk of the military aspects, does this includes the |Reichleau orders from the Eastern front which, many consider to be the prototye for the "final soluation" in Germany and its occupied lands?
  9. robh2k4

    robh2k4 Junior Member

    Fair enough, i just thought i would ask you all befor posting stuff about it.
  10. allanair

    allanair Discharged

    It was after some debate that we decided to have a seperate forum for the holocaust as it is a big subject on its own,and there will be people with opinions that not all agree with,there always is,and always will be,but from what I have seen on this forum you are all level headed and intelegent enough to discuss all subjects on an even keel. The deniers will appear and give there opinion,but that must not stop normal people from expressing there opinions,and discussing topics such as this,I may not always be loged on to the site,but believe me I am there watching what is going on and reading the posts as they are entered on to the forum,please do not let these people divert us away from having our say,if people had spoken out at the start of ww2 we would not have to discuss the holocaust.
    (the holocaust forum is not complete but you can post on it)

    (This is just my opinion) allan
  11. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    In setting up the new holocaust forum I have also spent the last two weeks on holiday reading some interesting books on Auschwitz and Treblinka.

    It certainly opened my eyes and I know so much more about the camps, live within and the fears faced, one book I read and recall with much distress and also respect for the victims of Auschwitz by filip Muller has infused a new interest in the holocaust for me, there is no doubt the subject is a difficult one to address but one thing I have come to realise in my research is that many of the victims and members of the sonderkomando who some how managed to survive and I am glad they did, had a desire for people to know and understand what they went through in those camps.

    I feel more strongly now than ever that we should openly discuss the subject and not bury our heads in the sand like many of that time did. Its too late to do anything about it now but we can still learn!

    I agree that there is an element that will try to disrupt a holocaust forum with their views and we should not censor everyone who has a belief other than that of the holocaust did happen. But it will require control.

    I have therefore completed the forums ont he new site and we will see how it goes, I would like to invite all who are interested to come over and join and start the forums off, the site is located at

    I am also adding a new section to the site about the history of the camps and the life within to help not just others but me as well in researching the subject further, and I will let you all know when this is ready.

    If anyone is interested in helping to moderate on the site for reasons already stated please let me know.

    I have added a new link to the navigation area on this site.

    We can but try to have a serious and sensible debate away from these forums and appreciate the hazzards it may create but I am willing to try to ensure a subject of this volatility can be addressed.


  12. morse1001

    morse1001 Very Senior Member

    I have registered with the new site and look forward to some good debates.
  13. hengest

    hengest Discharged

    There is no evidence for any homicidal gas-chambers; therefore, there was no "holocaust".
    The revisionist historion Robert Faurrison is offering a substantial reward to anybody who can show him a homicidal gas-chamber, or the plans for one, or even a drawing of one. But no-one has taken him up on that challenge.
    There were no gas-chambers; and therefore there was no holocaust of six million Jews. It was all allied anti-German propoganda; and still is.
  14. Rebel

    Rebel Junior Member

    BAHAHAHAHH! you'd better shutup, my family history in Poland was gone by the end of the war. however one thing is for sure, there WAS a holocaust.

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  15. hengest

    hengest Discharged

    O.K. Prove it.
  16. Rebel

    Rebel Junior Member

  17. Rebel

    Rebel Junior Member

    View attachment 224 Oh here is another picture.

    Why are you so radically right wing? I just read your other posts about how the war was instigated by jewish communists...
  18. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    Please do not reply to the person who is 'hengest' he is obviously just here to stir things up and only make posts that antagonise and cause offence.

    It is best to ignore what will be a complete waste of time.

    Thank you

  19. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    apologies to all, as I stated before, my intentions are never to censor in any way but I have banned hengest and his IP address.

    This is not what I wanted to do, but I feel his purpose is one of encitement rather than discussion.

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