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    Background to Ilse Koch from the Britannica source...apart from her involvement in the terror of the Third Reich she was known as a nymph... a nymphomaniac at the time of her trial.

    According to this source she had a child to a fellow prisoner while in captivity but other sources have recorded that the child was to a US prison guard.

    Ilse Koch | German war criminal

    Digressing to other females caught up with the concentration camp system

    Ruth Kalder was a woman who was an observer to the atrocities and ill treatment of civilians in captivity while she was the mistress of Amon Goth sometimes recorded as Goeth. He was the commandant of Krakow-Plazow concentration camp.

    Kalder featured in a documentary on Goth some years ago (it may have been the 2006 documentary by James Moll ) and although living with him in a splendid villa adjacent to the camp for two years,stated that she had never entered it.As far as I recollect,she was not charged with war crimes.In the documentary,she appears to be a tormented woman of her past although at the time it appears she never made any attempt to "get off the bus"

    It is a compelling documentary which reflects the brutality of the Third Reich towards the untermenchen. Goth met his being executed by the Polish government in 1946. Kalder committed suicide in 1983.

    Amon Göth - Wikipedia .....Wikipedia gives a good account of history revisited.
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