The battle of Maiwand

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    I've always been fascinated by the 2nd Afghan War and the battles fought. Reading many books on the subject, you cannot help but reach the conclusion, that nothing has ever changed for those foreign forces that attempt to hold territory or influence in this country.
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    This: BBC Radio 4 - Drama, To the Ends of the Earth: The Man Who Would Be King

    BBC audio drama adaption of the Kipling story, set in the Hindu Kush / Afghanistan, was on just the other week (on Sunday 22nd July)

    To the Ends of the Earth: The Man Who Would Be King
    by Rudyard Kipling, adapted by Mike Walker.

    Part of Radio 4's series of classic tales of adventure and peril: To The Ends of the Earth.

    Kipling's chilling cautionary tale set deep in the Hindu Kush mountains.
    Dan and Peachey are two con men with an insane and dangerous plan: they want to conquer a remote region of what is now Afghanistan.

    Adapted by . . . . Mike Walker
    Director . . . . Abigail le Fleming.

    Role Contributor
    Rudyard Kipling Blake Ritson
    Daniel Dravot Richard Ridings
    Peachey Carnehan Samuel James
    Timuk Peter Polycarpou
    Tribesman Joseph Ayre
    Tribesman Stephen Hogan
    Young woman Lauren Cornelius
    Bride Lauren Cornelius
    Wounded man John Lightbody
    Tribesman Ryan Early
    Tribesman Ryan Whittle
    Adaptor Mike Walker
    Director Abigail le Fleming
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    The medals awarded to British Forces in Afghanistan over the last 180 years. Apart from the first medal (left), these were all awarded to soldiers of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment, or derivatives thereof.

    Britain's Afghan Wars 2.jpg
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