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    Hopefully off to the IWM tomorrow. Been checking out the Website and this Exhibition looks a must.

    Shared Experience: Art and War
    Date:23 Mar 2006 to 25 Jun 2006Location:IWM London
    [​IMG]Australia, Britain and Canada in the Second World War

    This first exhibition of its kind explores how Australia, Britain and Canada lived through and recorded the greatest conflict in human history. Paintings and sculpture, including works by Paul Nash, Laura Knight, Sydney Nolan and Alex Colville, explore national and individual experiences during the Second World War.
    From the exhilarating heroics of the Battle of Britain and the ghastly horror of Belsen, to the relief of liberation and the boredom of potato-peeling, the men and women that feature in the works on display are shown waiting, preparing, fighting, suffering and celebrating.
    Admission FREE.
    Click here for a preview of the exhibition

    Click on the Heading for a list of clickable thumbnails.
    Lots of thought provoking works here.
    Any comments on any of the pieces welcome.
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    Some nice artwork on there like. I've bookmarked the page so I can have a proper 'study' later. ;)

    Which reminds me, just found my old folder of pics I drew years ago. Dinosaurs and stuff. I'll post some on the general art thread in a bit.
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  7. T-34

    T-34 Discharged - Nazi

    A.DEINEKA ''Sebastopol Defence'' (1942)

    A.DEINEKA "The knocked down 'Ace'..." (1943)
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    Wow those are really good
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    Looking at these two wonderful sites made me remember that war brings out the very best as well as the worst.

    (Someone once said that about the horse racing industry too!)
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    For anyone interested, there is an exhibition being held in the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester about Women War Artists. I have copied and pasted the info below:-

    A UK first for over 50 years to open in Manchester, February 2009
    Special Exhibitions Gallery, Imperial War Museum North, 7 February – 19 April 2009. FREE

    Imperial War Museum North will launch a major new exhibition in February 2009 focusing on work by women war artists, from the First World War to the Kosovo conflict. Witness: Women War Artists will be the first major exhibition of its kind for over 50 years in the UK, and will show highlights from the Imperial War Museum’s outstanding art collection alongside recent acquisitions on public display for the first time.


    Personal reflections from some of the artists will provide an insight into how war has shaped their lives and will highlight the variety of ways that conflict can inform artistic practice. The exhibition will explore artists' responses to conflict – as eyewitnesses, participants, commentators and as officially commissioned recorders – and will illuminate both the constraints and possibilities offered to female artists in war time. It offers a unique opportunity to revisit key moments in the last century of Britain’s history of war and conflict through a largely unexplored perspective.

    Witness: Women War Artists will feature over 100 works by over 25 artists, including:

    - Anna Airy (one of the first women officially commissioned during the First World War)
    - Dame Laura Knight RA (the first woman to be elected to the Royal Academy since the original founding members in 1768)
    - Linda Kitson (the official British war artist commissioned by Imperial War Museum in the Falklands conflict)
    - Frauke Eigen (a photographic artist responding to the exhumation of mass graves in Kosovo in 2000),

    The exhibition will include work by both official and unofficial war artists. Their experience ranges from official commissions of agreed subjects to secret observations and provocative interpretations of the world at war, capturing and interpreting key moments in history through art. Work will be displayed thematically depicting experiences on the front line alongside the home front, arming, nursing and caring and moments of loss and parting.

    Highlights include internationally-renowned works such as The Nuremberg Trial 1946 and Ruby Loftus Screwing a Breech-ring by Dame Laura Knight, A Shell Forge by Anna Airy, The Queue At The Fish Shop by Evelyn Dunbar, Mary Kessell’s haunting images of German refugees during the Second World War and Linda Kitson’s images of the Falklands. Significant recent acquisitions depicting factory work and the home front by artists such as Margaret Abbess, Phyllis Ginger and Eleanor Erlund Hudson will also be on display.

    Go to Welcome to the Imperial War Museum for any other details and select IWM North.
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    Search Results for "ardizzone" - VADS: the online resource for visual arts
    I love Ardizzone's work, this one is quite charming:

    'view of a group of soldiers in a country lane at night, a full moon in the sky. The soldiers are being held a gunpoint by a contingent of Home Guard, one of whom is searching a large soldier standing to the right of the composition with his trousers around his ankles'

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    A great drawing once more and one that reminds me of a sketch from 'Dads Army'!

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    'view of a group of soldiers in a country lane at night, a full moon in the sky. The soldiers are being held a gunpoint by a contingent of Home Guard, one of whom is searching a large soldier standing to the right of the composition with his trousers around his ankles'

    They all look like rather portly chaps with a feel of Capt M. to them :)

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    I too have a great admiration for Ardizzone's work and remember seeing it published during the war.

    On a lighter level, I also used to enjoy the works of his contemporary, the brilliant Fougasse .

    Do other members share my appreciation ?
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    I am searching for representations of various aspects of the conflict, including the immediate post-war period, and things associated with issues on the home front. I am looking for sketches, studies, drawings and/or paintings produced by soldiers, official and unofficial war artists, or civilians.

    The subject matter I am interested in includes the following:

    Trauma: physical wounding, psychological damage, devastated urban landscapes (i.e. ruined cities from bombing campaigns), social issues (i.e. prostitution, starvation, etc.)

    Regimentation: army life, food/ration queues, boredom, hierarchy and oppression within the ranks, environmental conditions at training corps, in the trenches, military camps, etc.

    Struggle and rebellion: mutinies, recalcitrant soldiers, anti-war protests at home, etc.

    I am looking for all kinds of imagery that depicts the war in both a positive and negative light, from all sides of the conflict.

    Any suggestions on artists or specific works that fit within these categories would be greatly appreciated.

    FYI: I am researching this topic for a final year art history thesis.


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    Welcome to the forum

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