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    More Lock-down building

    The Bofors on the left is an old Azimut kit that must be 25 + years old. It is a resin / white metal / PE kit, the instruction sheet does not have a kit number or date on it. It had seen better days so i replaced the sights from the spares box along with some other small additions and tweaks.

    The gun on the right is the Bronco OQF 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun MkI/III (British Army ) kit no. CB35111.
    That was built pretty much straight from the box, the traverse and elevation handles are still to be added once i can get guns crews sorted out.

    The Crusader Bofors is a combination of Kit no 219 Crusader Mk III and kit no. 6458 Bofors AA gun along with Bronco sights and some scratch building. The kit is based on the few photos of the one seen on the D-day beach. I had nothing else to base it on so the wading stack might be a bit chunky.

    Ammunition boxes are from the Bronco kit with some i cast myself.



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  2. von Poop

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    Used to find artillery pieces some of the most satisfying kits. Doesn't look like the Bronco ones have got metal barrels? Is that an issue, or are they nice & clean? (Always impressed by how metal saved effort.)

    In case you've a Crusader turret left over.
    From Neil Short's cracking book:
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  3. KevinT

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    Hi Von Poop,

    The Bronco barrel is not metal but a very good clean plastic one. I might replace it at some point though.
    Thanks for the tip for the Crusader turret. Now that will need a metal barrel!.


    Stay safe.

  4. Sheldrake

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    Here is a link to an images of 40mm SP guns on D-Day
    There is a better image of a 114 LAA Gun in the photograph by Frank L dubervill NAC -132897 showing a 40mm SP next to a stranded Sherman DD

    Both show sides shields for the gun and the second has an allied star painted on it.

    The tracked SP was purely for D Day in order to provide fire from the surf and for mobility in the difficult conditions. Only three regiments deployed with the 40mm SP on a tracked chassis. These were 394 & 395 batteries of 120 Light AA on Gold beach, 372 & 375 Bty of 114 LAA Regt and 220 & 218 Bty of 73 LAA Regt. Each troop landed with three SP Bofors each towing a towed Bofors.

    I don't like the setting for your diorama. These are AA Equipment which need a wide arc and a good field of fire. They very rarely if ev er deploy in half a building. Re build your diorama with the SP towing the 40 mm and give it a D Day setting to honour the men who served this equipment and landed pretty close to H Hour on each beach some of them becoming involved in fire fights.

    If you want a challenge please build the Crusader SP triple 20mm and towed 20mm of 93 Light AA that also landed on D Day.
  5. TTH

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    Turrets from Centaurs and old Hotchkiss tanks were also installed in the DeLattre Line around the Red River Delta. They didn't stop Vietminh infiltration.

    "Et dans le beton, les plus cons!" --CEFEO poem, 1951-1954
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    Hi Sheldrake,

    Thank you for confirming the regiments that used the 40mm SP Bofors, something I had been looking for although I had been informed that they landed towing towed Bofors.

    From the few scarce photos of the SP Bofors it seems that not all had the additional side shields - see attached.

    As to the setting of the diorama it is only used as a base for photos of the kits - see attached.
    I take your point as to the fact that they are AA equipment and need clear fields of fire. The end diorama I have not as yet decided on so the SP may well end up towing a towed Bofors, honouring the men who served this equipment.
    When i build something where possible I do try to research the subject using photos / War Diaries etc to get markings and census numbers as correct as possible - honouring the men who served the equipment.

    As to building a Crusader SP triple 20mm - once I have sourced the 20mm Oerlikon and another Crusader host - challenge accepted.

    Cheers and Stay Safe.


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  7. Sheldrake

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    Thank you for the images The images I found are of the guns on Gold (120 LAA) and Juno (114 LAA) I think at least one of the images you found are of a gun of 73 LAA on Sword Beach. Maybe different Regiments had different policies re shield sides.

    Looking at Bofors on Crusader with 40mm
    Bofors on Crusader 1.jpg
    The censor has obscured the unit badge which might be 1 Corps or 80 AA Brigade. However it shows the chalk markings LCT220. I may be jumping to conclusions but LCT 220 is shown in the loading for Sword Beach on this page Sword Beach. as carrying priority vehicles touching down at H+45.
    landing order 1.jpg

    Major P F Tiarks BC 218th LAA Battery and four 40mm guns each of A and C Troops landed on Queen White and Red respectively at H+45, 0810 hours. Both beaches were under heavy fire from mortars and small arms. Major P F Tiarks was wounded in the hand by a mortar fragment and awarded the MC for his constant presence and encouragement on the beach which gave great confidence to the gunners, the majority of whom were in battle for the first time under most trying conditions. (I .e. six foot off the ground on top of a tank) Captain D E Dale OC A Troop, was wounded in the arm, but completed his reconnaissance before being evacuated. (also awarded the MC) The remaining two guns in each troop landed later and all guns were in action by 1225 hours.

    These AA guns may have played a part in the neutralisation of the defenders as the fire on the beach dropped within about 5 minutes of their landing. Histories of Sword beach written by infantrymen claims the credit for the medium machine guns for suppressing strongpoint COD. I would have thought a couple of Bofors thumping away cannot have have been anything but dispiriting for the defenders. Not many actions involving SP Bofors under small arms fire. If you want a diorama showing an SP 40mm in a warry setting, this might be it.

    We ought to be able to identify the German bunkers to the left of your image 4. It isn't clear whether the gun has a side-shield
    Bofors on Crusader 4.jpg
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    Close, Ward, close.

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