Thames Ditton, Surrey - air raid 1st October, 1940

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    Do you have any further details on his first born - Robin P

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    Some info that may be of interest:
    Chase marriage.jpg

    Chase burial.jpg

    Newspaper, May 18, 1933
    Chase Co.jpg

    October 24, 1924
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    Thank you Clive
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    I don't have any additional information regarding his son Robin. His details have been redacted from the 1939 Register. I cannot see any further obvious entries on Ancestry or Findmypast for him.

    It is decent of you to add the above clips but I have previously found these. I have quite a file on Philip although it mainly covers his WW1 service.
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    Thank you.
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    I made contact with the publisher of Adolf Hitlers Home Counties holiday snaps and they were happy that I posted a copy of the Luftwaffe reconnaissance photo reproduced on Page 73 that shows Thames Ditton, the Kingston Bypass and the Nash and Thompson works.

    Nigel J Clarke Page 73.jpg

    Nigel J Clarke Page 73 Detail.jpg

    Nigel Clarke Publications - Home

    I note that they have a new publication along similar lines, Adolf's British Holiday Snaps and I will be placing an order!
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