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Discussion in 'US Units' started by DM25, Oct 23, 2010.

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    he was 23 with 3 kids and a wife when he went into the service with the 8th infantry division.He went to france but saw little action then went to germany and got wounded in the mouth with a peice of was minor and he was back fighting in 3 days in the rual pocket i think he he recived his 2nd wound.he was on a m4 sherman tank when a german bazoka round hit the tank.shrapnel hit his bottom mouth knocking out alot of his lower teeth witch he said he was spitting out laying on the ground.he alson got shrapnel in the hand and 2 peices in the leg in the same incident.his buddies drahhed him into the house and were trying to help them. meanwhile the medic had been killed 2 of his bodies were wounded one in the eye the other in the chest twice.they finally got him to another medic were then he went from hospatel to hospatel.he was in marland in a hospital for 2 years were they took flesh from his shoulder and put it on his lower mouth.I asked him what was his most memorble moment in the war he said getting wounded.I asked him his worst he said i had many good and bad ones.he said alot of his bodies got killed and wounded.he said he had shot at and had skimerishes with the germans many of times.he said germany is his faveroite country and he has visted it 2 times since the war ended.he said he had 2 close calls.a bullet went through his pants not scratching him but it was close.he said he was lucky because around valentines day his mom and wife sent him letters and he stuffed them in his breast pocket along with a german translating booklet,metal lighter,and a nail filer.a german bullet hit there damaging every thing in there and stopped at those 2 letters he said he would never forget that.His name was jack yoho i belive i feel sorry i did not ask him his rank.he is a wonderful man as are most ww2 vets.i also had the plessure of meeting his wife.thanks for reading please reply!
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