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  1. wright

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    Hi all,
    I'm just looking for some help/advice. I have a telegram off Field Marshal Montgomery stating troop movements and other information, It was handed down to me from my grandparents who got/stole it from a war office, The bad bit is my Gran wrote an address on the bottom of it, I might be able to get this removed but not to sure. So as I said at the start I'm just looking for some advice on value.I can add some pics at a later date if needed. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. nickgrace1

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    It is really hard to say without seeing it. It depends on what information it has in it, what the date is and also how exactly it came into your family to help authenticate it.
  3. Shiny 9th

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    Firstly,I suggest you do nothing to remove the address since you might cause damage to the document.Next, scan it and add to your next post on this thread.
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    Looks Like MI5 got our Wrighty before he could post anything poor sod!
  5. Over Here

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    He's probably taking a one-way chopper ride over the channel at this moment!

    That's what you get for rooting in general officer's dust bins!

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