Tankies from uniform?

Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by Ramiles, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. SDP

    SDP Incurable Cometoholic

    Just had a quick dive into the Auction. Doing about 100 lots per hour. Not bad going!
  2. norton 407545

    norton 407545 Well-Known Member

    Yes I've been in and out they don't hang about but work keeps getting in the way. Seen some staggering prices being paid for medals earlier
  3. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    Shaun, the combined badge Lots are going fairly "cheap" for the most part - considering the content and the single badge resale potential.

    All the best with your bidding!
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  4. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    Don't keep us in suspense, Shaun!

    They went for pennies...:omg:
  5. norton 407545

    norton 407545 Well-Known Member

    No luck it was obvious after hitting the bid button 3 times my bids were instantly out bid. So I'm guessing they had a max bid already in place. That was going to be my choice then I wouldn't have been tempted to go to high but for some reason I could not leave a max bid? I'm glad I don't gamble or auction to often I'm still shaking with the excitement. Someone got a bargain tho. I was gonna go max 250 and give away a couple as Christmas presents to family members who would have appreciated them.
    But as I was new to this I thought I'd tread carefully. That's why I lost
  6. norton 407545

    norton 407545 Well-Known Member

    Plus I was thinking about the fees and postage. That may have e added on 30 to 50 I wasn't sure. I didn't have long to accumulated funds for this one so I will try harder next time ☺️
    Although I did try to rope in My dad and my Brother but 20 mins before the auction may have been leaving it to late
  7. SDP

    SDP Incurable Cometoholic

    Never mind! All part of life's rich tapestry.

    Having just had a quick look at the bidding rules, I guess the reason you couldn't place a max/autobid is that this has to be completed at least 24 hours prior to the Auction.

    Keep an eye on eBay!
  8. norton 407545

    norton 407545 Well-Known Member

    Yes that's what I really should do I should read rules.
    It all went so fast I wasn't 100% sure at the end if it was my bid winning or not. Turns out not
    Plus my paranoia of the Internet although the-salesroom.com is totally legit I still don't like giving the heads up to anyone how much I'm willing to pay. Which is why I left it until 5 mins before to make a max bid.
    Oh well I've taken this thread way off course so I shall not tie up this thread anymore with my bidding experience. And it has been a interesting experience
  9. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    It's no consolation, Shaun, but more examples are bound to surface in the forthcoming months and years.

    In fact, I'm aware of several collectors that are selling-up and their items will be at auction next year - I'll divulge more via e mail.

    I think you were wise to concede when you did under the circumstances.


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  10. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Yep, plenty more fish in the sea! And imagine if you owned one (or lots) with a more known provenance too. Then it's you that is hooked and not the "fish" :-P

    I think one day I might get the "other" small tank

    As I've only got the one and there ought really I think to be 2.

    Still trying to figure out also where on earth the East Surrey one came from... and whether I should keep it or not. Not knowing anything about it (provenance-wise) it probably shouldn't even be in the "set" o_O

    I have to track down who this guy is...

    As I am still wondering if it is / was my grandfather on a "day off" - working in a film....

    Granddad was the chap on the far left in this...

    But also:

    And (far right this time)...

    Very tricky!

    All the best,

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  11. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Lot 343
    sold for 160 GBP

  12. norton 407545

    norton 407545 Well-Known Member

    I Was Bidding On Them But Bottled Out Because It Was Way To Easy to Keep Hitting That Bid Button. In Fact Im Sure I Accidentally Bid On Another Lot By Just Picking Up My Phone To Have A Look But Luckily I Was Qyickly Out Bid It Goes So Fast. So I Signed Out Rather Quickly
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  13. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

  14. Quarterfinal

    Quarterfinal Active Member

    There is always something paradoxical about ‘uniform,’ when it often means looking different to others. This is usually more true of soldiers, rather than air forces and navies, but not always, cue differences of opinion over whether it is a submarine sweater or a Coastal Command one?

    Even within corps, units would often go out of their way to adopt an irregularity. The item below represents an example for the Royal Tank Corps:

    being an interwar 26 Armoured Car Company sidecap, preserving - it is presumed - a nod to their East Riding Yeomanry origins through the pale blue top; as well as being a sidecap when the standard headgear was the equally proudly worn black beret. Who else wore berets at the time? Did any other of the ex-Yeomanry armoured car companies also retain a sidecap, approved or otherwise?
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