Tank Crews

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    When I used to operate a Thorneycroft trenchdigger or LMD back in 1980 or so.
    We all welded on a small cradle to the exhaust just alongside the cab window.
    Drop a can of stew in there then 10 minutes at full revs and the Rolls Petrol engine did the rest.
    At night you could see the 8ft flame from the exhaust for miles around.
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    Was that because they brewed the tea as fast as the 9th Lancers retreated past Benghazi in January 1942?

    Du-dush! I'll be here all week, please remember to tip your waitress.

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    It's official: six sheets was the scale!

    The Minute Book

    Why I remembered this thread when I read that, I don't know...
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