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    "Talking Pictures TV are working with the Imperial War Museum to give viewers the chance to see some wonderful rarely seen films in October. Featuring some of Britain’s finest stars such as Richard Attenborough, Jack Hawkins, Peter Ustinov and Thora Hird; you won't want to miss."

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    A Diary For Timothy
    Go To Blaes
    The New Lot
    We Serve
    The Dawn Guard
    Desert Victory
    Channel Incident
    Next of Kin
    True Gory
    Journey Together

    Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview or Youview 81

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    True Glory perhaps?

    Sounds good. Thanks for heads up.
    Next of Kin was largely filmed in Cornwall. See my YouTube video "Mevagissey Goes To War" for a guide to the locations.
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    'The New Lot' is showing within the next week and that is well worth watching, especially if you admire 'The Way Ahead' (also showing). My favourite scene is the one where the recruits take on the Home Guard and show them how it should be done.
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    If you’re really lucky they will put a Norman Wisdom film on again. Completely unwatchable.

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