T/CPL D.K. Foster 1290347 RAF in WWII

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    His name is D.K. Foster and his number is 1290347. . [​IMG] Although I have researched extensively I am still not in a position to follow his footsteps in combat. However, I think I have learned the following:

    He entered the Recruit Centre at Uxbridge in 1940 as a B1(?) B! RC. Between 1940 and 1942 he seems to have continued training at Blackpool (10 (S) RC) and West Kirby by which time he was a T/CPL in 80 Sigs wing.

    In 1942 he was assigned to NWA (?) 333 Group and was stationed in Gibraltar in 333 Group HQ, New Camp, from 1942-1943. (Operation Torch?)

    In 1944 he was in AHQ Unit (Malta?) and returned to Gibraltar in October, 1945 before being sent back to England and discharged in 1946. He was a T/CPL and trained as a WOP.

    If I have made errors above based on the service record, please correct!

    He seldom spoke of the war, but he did tell me that he was also a gunner and was shot down in the English Channel. He also said he was buried in the tunnels of Gibraltar with a few other men for four days. He was haunted by nightmares and would wake up screaming: "No, not the children, not the children!" How do I piece together his story truthfully? What were his responsibilities? Any specifics on battles? Medals? I tried the National Archives, but did not have any success. Whatever assistance you can offer would be very helpful. This research is for my family. There were three family members in the RAF during WWII. Uncle "Willie" was my dad's brother. I don't want these men to be forgotten by future generations of my family. Thanks again. Denis.
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    Iam sure some members could help you and you are quite right, these men should not be forgotten. Stefan.
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