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    I am hoping someone can help with the following enquiries. My Grandfather served with the 722nd Artizan Works Co, Royal Engineers 1942 - 1946. Ended up in Norway doing mine clearance before going back to Germany as part of the BAOR.

    I have tried to find answers the following questions but am floundering, does anyone know,
    Was the 722 at 101 Beach Sub Area Sword Beach?
    Where they regarded as a Field Company or L of C troops and whose command where they under? I am also trying to find out what formation sign they wore on their battledress?
    would they have worn the anchor patch as worn by those employed on the sub areas?
    Lastly, he was mentioned in despatches in may 1945 along with about 100 other RE's. There is no record of why in the war diary or at the RE museum, does anyone have any other ideas on how to find out what this was for. Any info much appreciated.
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    Hi Steve 2015, welcome to the forum, good luck with your research.

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    Hi....Some of your questions are answered in this page from the war diary. I'm sure Mike (Trux) will be able to tell you more when he logs on.

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    Thanks Drew 5233, I really appreciate that. So they were working in the beach sub area. I am now thinking they would have worn the anchor on their battle dress if that was their initial posting. Appreciate the help.
    I have attached a pic of the anchor I am talking about. Just trying to make sense of the insignia they would have worn for the landing.

    I have posted on the forum before but I couldn't remember any of my log on details so had to start again!!

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