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    64 years later, our WWII veterans still remember -

    My father was a Bren Gunner and very badly wounded when the Aussies took Tobruk on the 21/22 January 1941. He was near death but survived and returned to Australia 6 months later and spent time at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.

    He was 28 at the time and went on to build the new house, father four boys and enjoyed a full life. He worked for the Reserve Bank in Melbourne for 31 years retiring at the age of 60.

    Never fired a weapon again. He related to us after his retirement that the pistol he was allocated from time to time in his job as a messenger was always put in his locker before he left as he did not want to be tempted to use it.

    He always said to us that he wanted to go quick and not have to endure life after a stroke or similar debilitating illness.

    He enjoyed nine years of retirement, travelled Australia with Mum and died of a massive heart attack in 1982.

    He got his wish and went quick.
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