Story of MI9’s Escape & Evasion Mapping Programme

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  1. brithm

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    Barbara Bond is giving a talk on MI9 Silk escape Maps of World War II at the Warburg institute in London on the 20th November.

    'Cartographic Intrigue and Curiosity: The Story of MI9’s Escape and Evasion Mapping Programme on Silk in World War II'.
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  2. ritsonvaljos

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    Looks interesting although living in northern England it is too far for me to attend a meeting in London.
  3. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Very interesting, but too far away for me too.
    Is any one going and may be providing us with information?

  4. ritsonvaljos

    ritsonvaljos Senior Member

  5. Bernard85

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    good day brithm,sm, of m19's escape & evasion mapping will be most interesting,i have seen a doko on the was very clever,helped a lot of escapees make to there lines,thanks for posting regards bernard85

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