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    Trooper Alexander West Campbell | War Casualty Details | CWGC
    Trooper Alexander W Campbell was buried near Rees in Groin/Germany in March 1945 - in an isolated grave. A German list made in 1945 records the field graves found in Groin.
    Trooper Campbell is buried next to some Germans. I cannot make anything of the abbreviation COFS - what could it mean? It was probably written on his cross by a Graves Registraion Unit. And COFS may be corruption or misspelling made by the German who copied the writing on the grave...

    Bild 24 Liste Stadtarchiv Rees.jpg

    I saw the abbreviation C of E for Church of England - would C of S be Church of Scotland? Or am I on the wrong track?
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    Reasonable suggestion, paybooks and ID Tags seemed to mostly use Pres but you do see a fair few examples of CofS - I've been trying to see if he was from Scotland but can't seem to see any background on him (it does seem a good Scottish name though)
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    That's where he was found, according to the Graves Concentration Unit.

    According to the Army Roll of Honour, he was from Dunfermline - so Church of Scotland a very reasonable assumption.
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