St.Cuthbert's ,Darlington Boer War Memorial.

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    Thanks for posting.

    Here is another interesting Boer War Memorial closer to home -

    Roll of Honour- Cumberland - Penrith Boer War Memorial

    Are you aware of this book about Border Regiment Volunteer Company in Boer War?

    The Black Angel The Volunteers of the Border Regiment in the Boer War by Bardgett, Colin: Bookcase Original Card, First Edition., Signed by Author - Anchor Books

    If you are interested you should be able to get a copy via Cumbria Library Services - I did a few years ago.

    There is a Union Jack signed by the Border Volunteer Company members in Border Regiment Museum (I know it’s got a new’ish name) at Carlisle Castle.

    I’ve researched the grandfather of a friend from Aspatria who was in Volunteer Company who went on to be awarded DCM as CQMS with 5th (Cumberland) Battalion Border Regiment TF at Ypres May 1915. I think it was one of the first awarded to Border TF Battalion.

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    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria. Patron

    Hi Steve,

    Cheers for that addition I have looked at the book it's definitely on my list of gets.

    I was asking a helper the other month if any one had made a list of the names as especially I have a 1st Border who died in South Africa I would love to know if he is on the flag but he didn't know and Stuart wasn't in.

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    Hi Mike,

    I asked whether the flag had been photographed before it was put in display (it’s folded over) and left my details and asked for a copy for my friend. The chap on the desk said he would ask Stuart but I’ve heard nothing.

  6. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria. Patron

    You would have thought they would have done Steve it would be criminal if they didn't.


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