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    Can anyone help with the date that the SS Cameronia departed Liverpool in September 1935 (arriving in Port Sudan on 17th October 1935).

    My understanding is that 35 Squadron were transported to Sudan on this ship to reinforce Middle East Command during the Abyssinia Crisis

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Have you tried Findmypast which has passenger lists of ships leaving the UK. Or had the ship been commandeered as a troopship?

    In any case in 1911 it only took 3 weeks to get to India so I would imagine it would not be much longer than 2 weeks to Port Sudan in 1935.

  3. PeteT

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    Thanks for your response.

    I am assuming it is a troopship, which, I believe, did not have published passenger lists.


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    Not sure if this of any help to you:
    1929 – 1939 « We act with one accord
    Posting to the Middle East (September 1935 – August 1936)
    On 23rd September 1935, the squadron, as part of 5 Wing, was sent out to Sudan to provide support to Middle East Command during the Abyssinia Crisis.
    Its Fairey Gordon were ferried to Sealand, Flintshire where they were dismantled and packed up for shipment by sea.
    The squadron embarked the SS Cameronia at Liverpool in the latter part of September, arriving in Port Sudan on 17th October 1935.
    The aircraft were reassembled at the docks and flown to Ed Damer on 26th October, where the squadron lived under canvas whilst it performed a reconnaissance role along the Eritrean border. It moved to Gebeit on 6th April 1936 and then returned to England on 26th August 1936.


    EDIT: I'm guessing this is your site as the design looks similiar to the link you posted.
    My bad :)
  5. PeteT

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    Thanks for your response and interest.

    It is my site, which I am piecing together following on from the work I did on our grandfather (who was with 35 Squadron).

    I haven't publicised it yet as it is very much work in progress (and the date I am looking for is to fill in the gap on that page).


  6. cally

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    A picture of HMT Cameronia.

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    Thanks for the image; much appreciated.

    Co-incidentally, I received the ORB's for 35 Squadron from the National Archives today, which records the embarkation date as 4th October 1935.

    I now need to establish if the squadron AND its equipment were on the Cameronia (as separate ships were utilised for personnel and equipment on the return passage).


  8. cally

    cally Picture Prince.

    Always a pleasure to help Pete.

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