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    Intro: SOE -Holland - SRD-Z Special -Timor
    My father was a member of 2/4 Ind Co (Portuguese Timor Campaign), Cypher specialist, S Lancer stay-behind party, recruited into SRD and Z Special and returned to Port. Timor as SRD Liaison to a Portuguese/Timorese manned intelligence/guerilla party named LAGARTO (hence the moniker); the only Australian serviceman on the island with many thousand Japanese and an increasingly hostile/terrified native population. His inevitable capture, torture and years as a guest of Nippon which followed has been the subject of several published works with greatly varied quality and depth of research but since those publications more and more information is coming to light.

    As much as one can do so seventy years after the event I am endeavouring to discover the whole truth about the operations of D Section (Timor) SRD, Z Special for him.

    He is still alive. At 90 he is almost the last of Z Special. His Japanese protagonists are all gone.

    There are many links of interest to me, e.g. the enlistment of Henry Manderson as original OC of D Section, ultra's knowledge of Lagarto's capture, the placing of Maj Seymour Bingham (SOE) of Englandspiel fame as OC D Section in late '44, the deliberate exclusion of my father as a witness at the war trial of his torturers apparently on G.O.C. A.M.F. orders and many others.The questions unanswered are numerous.

    These are my interests and I am very keen to make contact with any person/s actively interested in any of these areas of research. Perhaps we can help each other.


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