Spies in Brig, bound for UK Camp 020, Halifax Convoy NA15

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    While researching my Uncle's troopship voyage on the "SS Strathmore" in August 1942, I discovered that two Abwehr agents traveled along with him to the UK. Just for the H of it, I googled their names and got the following returns:

    "The evidence of the HTT radio emerged in August 1941 and continued for just five months when it went off the air, but a study of the traffic, consisting of 60 messages transmitted to ORE, combined with reports of interrogations conducted in Rio by DOPS and in Trinidad by the British, revealed an extraordinary story of a spy ring that self destructed for almost entirely political reasons. The head of the HTT network was a Hungarian sea captain, Janos Salamon, who arrived in Rio early in July 1941 accompanied by a one-legged assistant, Sandor Mocsan, who used his wooden limb to smuggle cigarettes."
    Historical Dictionary of World War II Intelligence - PDF Free Download

    and from:
    Jose SALAMON, alias Janos SALAMON: Hungarian. A Captain in the Hungarian Mercantile... | The National Archives

    KEW - Jose SALAMON, alias Janos SALAMON.jpg

    Attached are the three documents, from Library Archives Canada, which enticed me to the chase:

    heritage.canadiana.ca-reel c5751-Abwehr 3487.jpg


    heritage.canadiana.ca-reel c5751-Abwehr 3488.jpg


    heritage.canadiana.ca-reel c5751-Abwehr 3371-Sailing.jpg


    I think these two characters would have fit right in at Rick's Café in Casablanca.
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