Soviet Patriotic Songs from WWII

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    The Russians have a long history of Folk music and the Soviets expanded upon this with several dozen songs, especially during the Great Patriotic War (WWII, Russian involvement from 1941-1945.) when tunes such as "The Tanker's March," "March of the Artillerymen," and so on so forth became popular.

    During the Great Patriotic War, many of these songs as well as traditional folk songs were performed by specialized choirs and ensembles, one example being Baticheva, Michailov, and Tutunnik. These groups generally consisted of 3-6 persons and performed for the frontline troops in all sectors.

    Katyusha (as in the famous rocket launcher)

    Apples and pears were blossoming
    Mist on the river floating
    On the bank katyusha stepped out
    On the high steep bank.

    Stepped out, started a song
    About one grey steppe eagle
    About her loved one
    Whose letters she cherished.

    Oh song, maiden's song
    Fly towards the clear sun
    And to the warrior on a far away border
    Bring katysha's greeting.

    may he remember this simple maiden
    and hear her signing
    may he save our motherland
    and love, katyusha will save

    YouTube - Katyusha - Russian Choir

    Svyaschennaya Voyna (Sacred War)
    English poetical adaptation by Alexander Artemov (Александр Артёмов)

    Get up, the giant country,
    Get up for mortal fight
    With German horde uncounted,
    With forces of the night

    Let noble anger of the soul
    Get boiled as a wave.
    The people’s war, the holy war.
    We’ll fight until the grave.

    Let's give repulse to oppressors
    Of all the ardent thoughts.
    To rapers and to murderers,
    Let's say the swear words.


    We will not let the darkened wings
    Fly over Motherland.
    The native country spacious fields
    Are not for fiend's extend.


    For rotten fascist pack we've got
    A bullet and a bomb.
    The spawn of the planet Earth
    Must get into the tomb.

    You can listen to some more songs here:
    Echoes Of A Red Empire: russian Songs - Soviet Army Ensemble - CD -
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    Zoya,any chance of Sacred war in Russian please? Dying to sing along in full voice with the strafniki/partizans ;)
    (dont they make run rabbit etc look just a touch,well,pathetic?)
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    Ok, for you... :)

    Вставай, страна огромная,
    Вставай на смертный бой
    С фашистской силой тёмною,
    С проклятою ордой.

    Припев x 2:
    Пусть ярость благородная
    Вскипает, как волна!
    Идёт война народная,
    Священная война!

    Дадим отпор душителям
    Всех пламенных идей,
    Насильникам, грабителям,
    Мучителям людей!


    Не смеют крылья чёрные
    Над Родиной летать,
    Поля её просторные
    Не смеет враг топтать!


    Гнилой фашистской нечисти
    Загоним пулю в лоб,
    Отребью человечества
    Сколотим крепкий гроб!

    Припев x 2

    YouTube video here: YouTube - The Sacred War - Svyaschennaya voina
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    Crumbs,my cyrilics a little rusty,but spasiba bolshoi Zoya :)
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    Pozhalujsta, c-w! :)
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    Interesting snippet about the second song :) :


    A popular wartime song called "The Holy War" by composer and conductor Alexander Alexandrov, a native of the small village of Plakhino near Ryazan, a regional center south of Moscow, inspired people to fight the Nazis in the years of the Great Patriotic War. The war broke out on June 22nd,1941 and two days later the "Izvestia" publishers gave Alexandrov a poem by Lebedev-Kumach, which was called "The Holy War". By the evening the song was ready and by the night it was sung by an ensemble. A few days later it was performed in front of soldiers leaving for the front. "Rise up, ye, mighty land of ours, rise up for deadly fight".

    Many years later witnesses of the event recalled what a strong impression the song had produced, its every word as if cast out of metal. The ensemble that performed it was the famous Soviet Army Song and Dance Ensemble, which won tremendous popularity both in this country and abroad. From the day it was formed in 1928 the ensemble was headed by Alexander Alexandrov. It traveled a lot giving concerts on the fronts and the soldiers were always looking forward to the concerts. A resident of a small Ryazan village Kuzma Kadantsev has preserved a good memory of wartime meetings with the ensemble. Kadantsev, a mortar man in wartime, was wounded several times but kept coming back to fight on. The commanders praised highly Sergeant Kadantsev's courage and military performance as he fought under Moscow, Stalingrad, in Ukraine and took part in the Battle of Berlin, which his battery was one of the first to enter. On several occasions he had an opportunity to listen to the Alexandrov ensemble and every time the ensemble performed "The Holy War".

    For the last time Kuzma Kadantsev enjoyed the song in 1946 in Berlin, where he served for some time after the war. During that tour Alexander Alexandrov died and the ensemble was taken over by his son Boris, who led it for 20 years. Our correspondent met with Kuzma Kadantsev in his quiet village on a warm spring day. An old age pensioner in his late 80s, the old soldier is still full of life and vigour. Reminiscent of the past battles are numerous orders and medals and he still loves wartime songs. "The Holy War", - Kadantsev says, - is the song of songs, a soldier's guide that accompanied us to Berlin. It is still dear to every war veteran".

    From here The Voice of Russia(THE WAY IT WAS)
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    Crumbs,my cyrilics a little rusty,but spasiba bolshoi Zoya :)

    This any better - phonetic version :p

    Vstavaj, strana ogromnaja,
    Vstavaj na smertnyj boj!
    S fašistskoj siloj tjomnoju,
    S prokljatoju ordoj.

    Pripev x 2:
    Pust’ jarost’ blagorodnaja
    Vskipaet, kak volna!
    Idjot vojna narodnaja,
    Svjaščennaja vojna!

    Dadim otpor dušiteljam
    Vsech plamennych idej,
    Nasil’nikam, grabiteljam,
    Mučiteljam ljudej.


    Ne smejut kryl’ja čornye
    Nad Rodinoj letat’,
    Polja ejo prostornye
    Ne smeet vrag toptat’.


    Gniloj fašistskoj nečisti
    Zagonim pulju v lob,
    Otreb’ju čelovečestva
    Skolotim krepkij grob!

    Pripev x 2

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