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    I just received a German Soldiers Soldbuch (Paybook) and I’m trying to figure out what his rank is and name as his writing was quite hard to read, please see photo, any help will be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Aixman

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    Adalbert Pick-Erb (mayby Piek)
    Rank: Pionier (Engineer), lowest rank, as private.
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    I agree completely with Aixman's post above.

    All I would add which may be of interest/help is the handwritten bit top right hand corner (over the circular stamp) which I think states that it's a substitute (replacement) for the original issued.

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    ah thank you so much, been trying to understand the writing, much appreciated! If you look at the image I’ve attached he went to the Berghoff, I wonder why a low rank Engineer would go to the Berghoff and what he brought with him

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  5. Aixman

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    Berghoff is the name of the NCO (Uffz. for Unteroffizier ist lowest NCO rank) handing him out personal kit as washing, gloves and so on.
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    Ah that clears it up, was thinking he went to the Berghoff haha, there’s quite a lot in the book I don’t understand
  7. Aixman

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    You mean "Berghof" with one f, meaning something like mountain farm.
    Berghoff instead is not an unusual German surname.
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    ah I understand, thank you. Can you tell what equipment he had and where I’d find what gun he had? (If he even had one)
  9. hucks216

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    If the pages are still attached, his weapon issues will be on page 8 (sometimes numbered 8a-d). The second page you show is just uniform issues including underwear, socks, towel etc etc.

    If you show pages 4 and 17 people will be able to tell you what units he served in although it looks like the unit that issued his dogtag was 1./Baubataillon-86
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    Berghof as well as being a common name for hotels and fuhrer's alpine pads is also a form of spelling some German Americans have used for their surnames

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