SOE missions in Germany? ME 61?

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    I have just finished writing Agents Smith and Hering, which include the story of Baker-Byrne and his two infiltrations into (and exfiltrations) from Germany - a fascinating story about SOE training and (previously untold) wartime conditions. His account is preceded by the exploits of Jupp Kappius, another anti-Nazi German. I've almost finished a second book on anti-Nazi German soldiers who were recruited and trained for sabotage, subversion and assassination missions in Germany from Autumn 1944 to April 1945 - again lots of unpublished accounts of life in wartime Germany.
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    Sounds fascinating. Will you publish your account? And if so: When and where?
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    Totally agree. Having visited an SOE training site in Scotland and I even believe in a village near my home town anSOE man was captured and shot or died in a concentration camp

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