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    Anybody have an surviving issued soap? Need info in color, make up, was it issued or purchased. How often did guy get it?
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    I noticed nobody replied to your inquiry. Whilst I don't have personal experience - here is what I know.
    Wartime issue soap, like civilian ration, tended to be a light brown colour and came in extruded or moulded bars about 2" x 3" square section about a foot long. Individual issue was cut from these - I don't know by whom, where and when. This was general purpose soap for personal and clothes washing. Extra soap would be available from the NAAFI.
    I trust this helps.
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    yes thank you! I have since round it came in dyed and undyed forms. There is a company in the UK still making the 1 and 2 lb bars that were included in the compo rations.
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    Parcels from home invariably contained soap and ink.


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