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    Hello all,

    I have recently picked up the hat below. I am interested in any information anybody may have about the hat or the owner.

    What I have found so far is that it seems to be an Australian made hat issued to a British soldier.

    I have found a Sidney Albert Pomfrett transferred to the Queens from the Royal Artillery in 1942 and transferred to the reserve in 1946. Service number is 6481247. Almost all of the other transfers from the RA appear to have service numbers starting with 648 or 647, the one after in the register is 6481250 for instance. From what I can find these seem to be issued to the Royal Fusiliers. It looks as if he was born in Edmonton London in 1912 so this could be right, but if so it looks as if a lot of men transferred from the Royal Fusiliers to the RA an then to the Queens, could this be correct or am I barking up the wrong tree.

    Could anybody give any further info on what the Queens were doing in the Far East from 1942?

    Any thoughts on the man or that hat gratefully received.



    Slouch 2 800.jpg Slouch 3 800.jpg Slouch 4 800.jpg Slouch 5 800.jpg Slouch 1 800.jpg
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    Many thanks TD.
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    1st battalion queens were in india in '42. moved to the arakan in 43. They fought down the kalapanzin valley towards the buthidaung/maungdaw road in 43/44.

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