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  1. stag

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    I hope nobody minds me asking what is probably a daft question!
    In the war diary for 147 RAC I am using as part of my research into my dads war, in his squadron it lists 18 Churchills, 1 slave and 1 half track.
    So here's is my daft question, what is a slave in this context?
    Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Rich Payne

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    This would be a slave starting unit with a large battery charging set-up used for starting tank engines etc. which take a ot of turning over when cold.

    There was certainly a Loyd Carrier version (it had to be a tracked vehicle in order to be able to get where the tanks could).

    The official name for the Loyd was "Carrier, tracked, starting & charging"

    The Loyd Carrier
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  3. stag

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    Ah! Got you, that makes sense now, similar to an A.P.U. On aircraft then. Thanks for your help Rich.

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