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    I was reading about 45 Recce in "Prisoners of Hope" by Michael Calvert, he mentions that the Regiment was 'about 450 strong'. Would this have been the original size of the regiment? Were all the Recce regiments of a similar size?
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    I don't know about 45 Recce specifically, but generally they would be a lot bigger than that. 817 is one figure that you will see quoted.
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    At just what point in the campaign did Calvert give that strength for 45 Recce? Chindit units wore out and shrank in numbers with shocking speed, at least as much because of disease and fatigue as combat losses.
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    See attached image for numbers of menfor 45 Recce from Field Returns

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    I think Ed's figures illustrate pretty much what everyone has said on this thread. The regiment was hovering around the early 800 mark before it went in as Columns 45 and 54 in 1944.

    By the time these columns had suffered the long march in to Burma with 16th Brigade and the disaster at Thetkegyin, the numbers had dwindled significantly (roughly 300) by the time their contribution was deemed to be over. Once back in India and rest and recuperation the regiment was brought back up to normal strength.
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    Many thanks as always- great and detailed responses.

    TTH- Calvert gives the 450 figure in April, after about 40 combat deaths in March but before 50 more in April, mostly on April 18th.

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