sinking of ss Ocean Voyager

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  1. Hugh MacLean

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    Hello Norman,

    George Preston Stronach's report is attached below. I have another report from another member of the crew - I will try and dig it out and post it later.


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  2. Norman Martin

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    Thanks Hugh, much appreciated.
    It would be excellent to see any others, I had no idea these survivors' records existed. Are they from the Admiralty?
    The story appeared in the press, without naming the ship. I'll try to find it.
  3. Hugh MacLean

    Hugh MacLean Senior Member

    The Survivor's Reports - usually made by the senior surviving officer, although in this case there were more than just the senior survivor - are Admiralty documents which are held at Kew in series ADM199 and various sub pieces for the relevant year. They are best obtained by visit to Kew as they are difficult to obtain on line.

    It would be normal routine in newspapers of the time not to name the ship for obvious reasons.

    See below another report from the Bo'sun, Mr Gardiner.


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  4. Hugh MacLean

    Hugh MacLean Senior Member

    Norman, going back to your personal interest in the ship namely, Norman Colin Wright.
    In case you are not aware he has some records at Kew.
    The pouch and CRS 10 best obtained by visit to Kew or via a researcher as difficult to obtain online. If that is not an option a cheaper and more reliable way is to use a couple of guys on here who do copying. Details on request.

    Medal file - this can be downloaded for £3.50 - BT 395/1/107524
    Seaman's Pouch - BT 372/440/77
    CRS 10 - service record from Jan, 1941 - BT 382/2008
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