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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Sally H, Nov 13, 2019.

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    As you were such a help to me in the past with my Uncle who was a POW, I thought I would return with my latest problem.

    I have been thinking of sending for my Father’s army records, however, I seem to be a bit light on information.

    He wasn’t initially called up as he worked at the Dockyard on ship repairs so was exempt from active duty. He eventually decided that he must ‘go and do his bit’, so volunteered.

    I have no idea what year he made this decision, but I do know that not long after recruitment, he volunteered for the paras, as it paid more money, which enabled him to send more home to Mum.

    I have looked at several internet sites to try and get his Regiment and Service Number, but for whatever reason there doesn’t seem to be a mention of him anywhere. I know he first reported for duty in November, at Bamber Bridge, Preston, and following his training was posted to East Africa.

    Can anyone suggest where I may get this information? Any help would be gratefully received.
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    The MOD is the only place to go for WW2 service records nowhere else despite what they may say holds them.
    You need only his name, date of birth and a copy of his death certificate, in fact often his death certificate will have his date of birth - service number and regiment are NOT required.
    I cannot as present upload the direct link to the MOD website but if you check out other threads it will be in them

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    If one was in a reserved occupation it was actually difficult to join up as there were instructions not to accept volunteers from these. However some arms of service were given an exemption so that they could accept volunteers from ROs but could not actively recruit from them. I have just completed research into Farm Workers (a Reserved Occupation) and it's clear that the RAF ignored these constraints by and large. I wonder if the Paras were the same.
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    Thank you TD and CL1. I'll complete the forms and see if I get lucky.

    Robert-w, Yes, perhaps the rules for Paras were different. I do know the Para link is true, as I had his beret badge and also his ID tag until a few year ago, when I gave it to one of my nephews, who, would you believe, can't find it now. Very annoying.

    Thank you all for your suggestions.


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