Shore Establishment War Diaries

Discussion in 'The War at Sea' started by Richard Lewis, Apr 1, 2024.

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    Admiralty War Diaries for other years can be found on Fold 3. The War Diary Subject Index cards are also available which can help in searching.

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    I don't think there are diaries for individual shore bases as such. I stand to be corrected but I have never seen any.

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  4. Rob Crane

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    You might have some luck if you look for "monthly letters" or similar? I know HMS Dolphin, the sub base in Gosport, produced these, although I've only seen ones for towards the end of the war in the archive at the National Museum of the RN. Includes note of submarines in base, repairs being undertaken, and all sorts of other stuff.

    A quick search of their portal for "marlborough eastbourne" does return a few hits but nothing along the lines of monthly letters.

    Axiell Internet Server 6 | Simple search

    You might be able to be creative with search terms to find something. Fingers crossed! (Just to note that their digital database isn't the best, something that from chatting when I've visited I think they appreciate and regret - usual funding kind of issues, I suspect, although they do still seem to be adding to everything.)
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    Thanks for your help. I haven't managed to find much apart from the RN National Museum site (thanks Rob) where it lists some photographs and an album. I suspect the photos from the album are those shown on the RN Communications Site which I mentioned in post #1.

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